Our cities are changing. Our transportation options are changing. Our consumer preferences are changing. Discover everything you need to know about siji-mobility, and let us help you be part it.

Strengthen your community

People love to be on the move, whether on a bike or via scooter. Attract residents to grow and foster your community, and revitalize your downtown area,

Reduce cost

Siji reduces traffic, makes transit connections easier, and reduces congestion along busy routes. Avoid costly road upgrades to accommodate an increase in traffic while decreasing investments in pricey public transportation options.

Bikes, Scooters and more

Give your city an eco-friendly makeover: create a health and wellness program with pedal bikes, offer convenience with electric bikes, help your residents get moving with scooters.

Save money $800 a year

we can help you build the micro-mobility program that is best suited for your community. We do the heavy lifting while future-proofing your investment.